Macrame Necklace – Chakra Rock Crystal

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  • Chakra
  • Rock Crystal
  • Brass beads
  • Up to 44cm
  • Slide lock

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Macrame necklace in shades of blue with rock crystal with all chakra symbols

This beautiful necklace has a rock crystal combined with all the chakra symbols.

The necklace has a slide closure and can therefore be varied from the longer. The necklace can be worn up to 37cm long without pendant and up to 44cm, thanks to the sliding closure. The amethyst is about 4cm long and 4cm wide.

  • The rock crystal can act on the body if the skin causes problems. Whether allergic reactions, eczema or itching, wounds or sunburn – the rock crystal can help. It is said to have a special effect when it comes to varicose veins and shingles, insect bites and a strengthening of eyesight. He is also used for pain. Here the field is huge – from headache to earache, menstrual cramps and stomach and back problems, tension and problems with the joints to disc problems. In children, he helps especially against nausea when driving.
    He should also have a positive effect on digestion; help with gallstones and gingivitis, phlebitis and circulatory problems. It also strengthens the body’s defenses and helps with temperature sensitivities.

It ensures a good and above all even blood circulation and cleans the vessels of harmful deposits.

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