Macramé necklace – lace agate

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  • Lace agate
  • Carnelian
  • Brass element
  • Brown
  • Sliding clasp

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Macrame necklace in brown with lace agate, carnelian beads and brass element

This necklace has a beautiful lace agate, carnelian beads and brass elements bordered. The necklace has a slide closure and can thus be varied by the longer thanks to the slide closure.

  • Agate is a healing stone of inner balance and stability. He is able to keep away and transform negative energies. Placed on the heart, it can heal mental illnesses that prevent any feeling of love. Its different layers are able to bring hidden ideas to the surface. It works slowly, but it is very powerful. Agate promotes self-acceptance and thus strengthens self-confidence. It increases the ability of self-analysis and strengthens the awareness of hidden circumstances, which draws attention to problems that disturb one’s well-being. Agate enhances mental functions by promoting concentration, increasing cognition, and guiding analytical skills toward practical solutions. Together with a berg crystal, it can increase memory. On the emotional level, agate can overcome negativity and bitterness. It releases anger, promotes love and gives the courage to start anew. This quality can be helpful in any kind of emotional trauma. It creates a space for security and trust, and at the same time relieves inner tension. On the spiritual path, agate raises consciousness, towards a collective consciousness.
  • Carnelian acts as an amplifier of positive energies. It pushes our own steadfastness, our courage and our energy to almost unimaginable heights. It is not only considered the good-humor bear among the healing stones, but also as a power donor more vitality and joie de vivre.

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