Macrame Necklace – Amethyst

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  • Amethyst
  • Black
  • Slide closure

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Macrame necklace in black with amethyst
This beautiful necklace has an amethyst in the middle and brass elements

  • The amethyst has special cleansing abilities on the mind. All superfluous thoughts and sensations are clarified by the amethyst. The concentration is strengthened and the objectivity of the thinking is promoted, whereby also decisions can be made faster. Perceptions as well as experiences can be better managed with the help of the amethyst, and learning difficulties, exam nerves, grief or sadness can be solved. In addition, the amethyst calms the mind and provides for a long term deep inner peace, because negative energies are dissolved. The violet color of the amethyst, however, also fires the imagination, because it releases blockages and inhibitions, which especially during sleep promotes the processing of conflicts through dreams. Through amethyst chains other people can be impressed with more charisma and temperament. Druses placed in the room activate the room energy. They have a liberating and cleansing effect on the entire room and thus provide more warmth and harmony.

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