Macrame Bracelet – Chrysocolla Azurite

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  • Azurite Chrysocolla
  • Tigereye
  • Brass
  • brown / green
  • Slide closure

In stock



Macramé bracelet in brown/ green with a chrysocolla azurite, tiger eye beads and brass elements

This bracelet has a chrysocolla azurite in the center, tiger eye beads and brass elements. It has a sliding clasp and can be adjusted to the length you need.

  • Chrysocolla creates balance, calms the nerves and relieves excessive tension or stress. In this way it calms the mind and can also turn anger or even hatred into the opposite. Through this mental balance, chrysocolla gives heartiness, tolerance and serenity. Furthermore, the healing stone helps to keep a cool head in necessary. Through increased intuition and patience, decisions can be made much better and with sustainability.
  • Azurite is the healing stone of knowledge. The blue mineral promotes the mental powers of man like no other healing stone. The energetic forces of the small wonder stone take their way through the nerve tracts of the human being. They develop a positive body feeling, strengthen the brain’s willingness to perform and a comprehensive sensory perception of the human soul. In addition, the healing stone can ensure that toxins and negative energies are eliminated from the body. Thus the stone has a very positive effect on the human being on the physical as well as on the mental level. The effect of the blue stone can be quickly felt physically and experienced mentally.
    Already after a few weeks, many users notice an improvement with regular use.

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