Fine macrame tiara / choker – Amazonite

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  • Can also be worn as a necklace
  • Amazonite
  • Slide closure

Out of stock


Macrame Tiara (Headdress) / Choker in light-brown with Amazonite 

This beautiful macrame tiara can also be worn as a necklace. It has an Amazonite and a spiral pendant  in brass as well as brass beads.

It has a sliding closure and can therefore be varied in length.

  • Amazonite has a balancing effect and soothes mood swings. It can bring patience and tolerance and dissolve conflict, disagreement, learning difficulties, stinginess and selfishness. It can also help with grief or grief, give more joie de vivre as well as vitality and improve the interaction of intellect and intuition. When used in meditation, amazonite can relieve anxiety, anxiety or depression, freeing from selfishness, avarice and greed and bring tolerance but also patience. Overnight, he can help under the pillow to a soothing sleep and keep nightmares away.

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